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H4 - I539 approved but not received by mail

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  • H4 - I539 approved but not received by mail

    My son’s H4 petition – I539 got approved in feb 2017 and we have not received the approval notice for him until now. I have reached out to USCIS and they asked me to file I-824 to get the duplicate copy of the approval notice. I have the following questions regarding that.

    1) I am planning to visit India next month along with my son and we need to go for stamping .so if this is the case do I need to apply for a duplicate copy for the one which was approved on feb -15 2017? My son would get a new I-94 as part of this stamping process right? Do we need to produce the approved physical copy for his stamping?
    2) Will there be any legal issues if he stay here without a physical copy of an approved case until then?
    3) Please note my previous employer H4 has a validity until July 27 2017 for him. will this help in any way if he do not have an approved physical copy for the current I-539?
    4) What are all the cases we need the approved I539 for him?

    Can someone please assist?