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H1B to H4 to H1B.

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  • H1B to H4 to H1B.


    My H1b visa expired due to laidoff and H4 ead application is in progress. Trying to figure out when i can go back to work.

    Below is scenario -

    H4, EAD --> In process and waiting on approval. Spouse is h1b holder and green card in progress.
    My Green Card through company A --> I140 is approved already and
    Company A H1b --> expired in June due to laidoff

    Considering above scenario, if i get a job offer from company B then,

    Q1> Company B can provide H1b sponsorship anytime though H4, EAD application in progress?
    Q2> If Q1 answer is yes, then is it possible to start work as soon as company B mail H1b application to USCIS since GC I140 is approved? No need to wait for H4 ead or H1b approval to start work?
    Q3> H4 Ead application need to cancel after H1b approved. right? So that i can maintain status properly?

    Kindly suggest on this. Thank you in advance.