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Travel to India / Europe while on current H1-B, while H1-B extension is processing

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  • Travel to India / Europe while on current H1-B, while H1-B extension is processing

    Hello all,

    I'd love to get your opinion on my situation:

    I'm currently on an H1-B with a reputable medium sized public company based in San Francisco. I've been with them 4 years, and plan to be there for some time (was a student on F1 before that).

    My current H1-B Visa expires in the 1st week of August 2017. I have to make an important trip to India before this, and I plan on returning 10 days before my Visa expiration date (around last week of July 2017). My company has already sent in my application for an H1-B Visa extension in April 2017, which has been received and is currently processing (confirmed by receipt of I-797C by my employer).

    - Are there any issues regarding my travel plans, and is it safe to travel with such a short window left between my return into the US and the current Visa expiring?
    - Are there any other nuances regarding I-94 that I should be aware of while I travel?
    - In general is it recommended that I travel? It definitely is an important trip..
    - What happens if my application/ case which is currently processing gets approved while I am abroad for my trip? The likeliness of that happening is small since the backlog for current H1-B extensions is around 6 months which would imply processing would be done around Sept - October.
    - Are there any documents out of the ordinary that I should carry for my trip

    I spoke to my company's immigration firm, and they said that I shouldn't have any problems with re-entry and so traveling with my current plan should be fine.

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    Just checking in. Thoughts anyone?