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New H1b 2017 fresh application-general help

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  • New H1b 2017 fresh application-general help

    Hi All,

    First of all thanks for a platform to share each other views and the time taken by members to answer the questions.

    My visa is picked in current year (2017) lottery and petition is approved. Am planning for interview by this month end. As a first time applicant I have some basic questions, hope the forum helps me getting them clarified.

    1. My petition is valid from Oct'17, is it ok if i go for Stamping in July as it will be too early even though it is allowed technically.

    2. Petition validity is till apr 2020, how should i answer if they ask for return date.

    3. Am single, in case they ask questions on when am planning to get married etc how should I handle them.

    4. What should be the tone of my answers?? Should I sound that i don't have intentions to stay there?? Or is it ok to admit that i will be working as long as my visa is valid.

    The questions might sound silly, but as a first time applicant want to know how things work. I will be attending my interview at Hyderabad

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    Can anyone help me answer my query, thanks