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h4 visa with out husbands approval

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  • h4 visa with out husbands approval

    My visa is expiring and my husband and I have differences and he did not apply for h4 extension. How can i go ahead and apply myself. can he stop me from getting h4 visa. What are my options. i want to get the visa first and then worry about next steps, I have his passport. I have his old i797. i do not wish to go back to my country. Please explain my options. Thanks, S

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    I have valid approved document .no stamping. Not sure how to proceed.


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      One thing I know is that it is not up to your husband, so don't worry about that. You may qualify for a different visa, which I do not have knowledge of. If you don't get your answers here, it may be a good idea to have a consultation with a divorce/immigration attorney to see what your options are. Either can consult the other on your behalf, as it applies in your case. You don't have to consult/hire both. Start by contacting one in writing, so that you have written proof that you have started the process before you go out of status.

      Make copies of all the pages of his passport and I-797 before you give it back. Have the I-797, picture and passport number page, as well as pages with visa stamps certified (notarised) as copies of the original.
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        How to get stamping without husband s employers letter

        I have a valid 797 but do not have Visa stamped. How can I get it done


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          Mahira, make an appointment at the consulate through CEAC and get your visa

          Your situation is different from Sana, who doesn't have a valid I-797