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H1B Transfer possible?

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  • H1B Transfer possible?

    Hi All,

    I am working in a service based organisation. Last year my company processed my H1 visa and I got it stamped on October last year. Now, they are looking for a client project to send me to USA but there are no requirements from any of our clients. I do not think they will have anything for me in future as well. So, can I move to another company and get the visa transferred to them?

    I heard that the transfer is not possible if I have never been to USA on H1B.

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    Since your H1 has been counted under the cap, you can get another employer to file for a cap exempt H1 for you.
    Just an opinion; Not legal advice.


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      however, with premium processing suspended right now, does that mean he will not be to work until it gets processed i.e. multiple months from now? Checking because I am in the same situation


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        however, he won't be able to work until the new H1B is processed correct? and this could 6 months since premium processing is disabled. asking since I am in the same situation