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Traveled to India before USCIS approval

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  • Traveled to India before USCIS approval


    I worked for employer A as an intern(OPT) from sep 2010 and they filed my h1 april 2011 and it was approved. I traveled to India jan 2012 and got visa stamped on my passport.
    Switched to employer B in Nov 2012 and got my visa stamped jan 2014.
    Switched to employer C in july 2015 and they processed my visa in regular category, which was not approved until may 2016 (USCIS asked for RFE in april 2016 and documents was submitted) and i had an emergency and moved to india and the employer revoked the process.

    Now planning to move back to US , I have two questions.

    1. How many years left on my 6 year visa. My first visa stamping was done on jan 2012, so i should count from that day or the day from I797 approval which is oct 2011. And What happens to the period i worked for employer C?

    2. For the new employer to sponsor visa, they require previous employer approved i797. Which i did not have for employer C. What should i do?

    Your answers are greatly appreciated.