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Employer not responding back for RFE

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  • Employer not responding back for RFE


    I am currently on H1B working for an IT company. I got selected some 3 months back for a new Employer B. Employer B is one of the reputable companies. I got offer letter and they even filed for my H1B. They were trying to file the visa in premium and wanted me to join asap. But that did not happen and they filed in regular category. I received RFE on May 1st. Initially they told me they will definitely respond back. But I just came to know last week that they haven't yet responded back and most probably they will not respond back since they are not getting required documents from a client.

    My question is since they wont respond back, my application most pribably will be denied. Will it affect my future applications? Should I ask this Employer B to withdraw the application?

    A quick help would be appreciated as I have very less time to decide.

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    Get a new job with an employer who isn't a bodyshop


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      Originally posted by inadmissible View Post
      Get a new job with an employer who isn't a bodyshop
      That doesn't answer any of my question that I have posted. And as I mentioned in my post, this is not any small consultancy I am talking about. It is one of the biggest IT companies.

      Just to rephrase, I want to know whether I should ask this employer to withdraw the application? In case denied, will it impact me in anyway in future. I haven't yet joined this employer.


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        H visa denials are not prejudicial

        You can think the world of your prospective employer, but if your employment is contingent of their client, then they are a bodyshop