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withdraw an ongoing amendment petition from USCIS

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  • withdraw an ongoing amendment petition from USCIS

    I have an H1B which came in lottery in 2013. I traveled to US from 2014-2015. During my stay, my visa was extended till Nov 2017. I came back to India in December 2015.

    Now currently, to travel again, I got an amendment filed from same employer for different client/location which got acknowledged in June 17.

    Since my extended visa was not stamped, & before going for stamping in July 17, I got to know that the approval notice for extension is missing/lost.

    As per employer I can't go for stamping interview or travel on xerox copy. My appointment got cancelled from employer.

    As per employer, applying duplicate copy would take 3-4 months. Also the amendment petitions's approval notice won't come sooner, it might take another 2-3 months.

    My Visa would be expired by that time.

    Now, I have an option to get my visa extended from offshore.

    To which employer says that they need to withdraw amendment petition which is already going on and would file a new petition for amendment cum extension.(Since 2 petitions won't be filed simultaneously)

    My question is : How much time does USCIS take to withdraw an ongoing amendment petition. If its more than few weeks then my employer won't file my extension petition.

    Please help.