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H4 interview - Vancouver - 221g form

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  • H4 interview - Vancouver - 221g form


    Can someone please advice me on a tricky situation I am in? Details below.

    Background: I was working in USA on OPT. My H1B application did not picked up in the lottery for the third time and my OPT period ran out on June 26th 2017. That is why, I decided to transfer to H4 visa, so that I can be with my spouse. My H4 interview as in Vancouver on July 24th 2017. That is why I left the country and entered Canada on July 22nd 2017, which is well within the 60 day grace period I am given to leave USA once I go out of status.

    Problem: During the interview I was asked to present my documents including the marriage certificate which I did. Then they asked for timeline of my graduation and OPT. I provided them that. Then the interviewer said that he needed to run my information through their system and find out my duration of the stay in the country. His exact words were: "I just need to run your data through the system to figure out your duration of stay in the country. I am giving you this form which says 'visa denied' but thats only a technicality. We will run your data and update in 1-2 days".
    The form he handed me is a 221(g). The form says there's no deadline on when the administrative processing may complete. They provide a link to track application status. The link says it might take a "few weeks".

    I am not sure what to do here. Has anyone experienced this before? Any idea on when I might get my passport back? Until then, I cannot enter USA or even go back to India. In case my passport does not come back in a week or so, should I approach Indian embassy? I cannot continue to live in Canada indefinitely.

    Any help will be deeply appreciated.

    Thanks a lot!
    Amartya Datta Gupta