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Query about Family information - DS 160

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  • Query about Family information - DS 160

    I am currently in US on H1B visa. My parents had got the tourist visa some days back and are currently staying with me.
    I plan to visit India for stamping in Nov this year. Parents are planning to stay back in US till Jan next year.
    In the DS160 that I filled up few days back, I have answered the question "Is your father with you in US" as YES.

    If he plans to come to India with me when I go for stamping, will the answer to above DS160 question be considered incorrect and cause any major problems for my application. I am fine with changing the DS160 and taking another appointment, but just want to be sure before I do it. Travel plans change, so I guess many other people would have been in the same boat earlier.

    Would really appreciate some advice here.

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    Requesting some help.

    Would really appreciate some help here.


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      Originally posted by aks_123 View Post
      Would really appreciate some help here.
      DS 160 should be as accurate as possible on the date of interview so if things have changed between the time you fill the DS-160 and the time of interview then you should revise the DS-160.

      This is my opinion not legal advice.