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Drop Box - Interview - 221(g) - Upload documents (Waiting) Flights rescheduled

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  • Drop Box - Interview - 221(g) - Upload documents (Waiting) Flights rescheduled

    Me and my wife were eligible for dropbox when we came from US, i got my visa but she got a white letter for which she was asked to appear for an interview w/o apt before 10:30 am, New Delhi. She attended the interview and she got a 221(g) to submit a few more documents. Although she was told to submit the documents in person, but when she went to the center to submit the documents she was asked to upload online. We uploaded the documents online on 28th of Jul and that was the last update on my case. Our flight is on 10th August and i see no updates on the case. The status shows Administrative processing. The support team just asks us to wait and check the status online. Today is 7th August, and cannot find any ways to expedite the processing. Has anyone faced a similar issue and have any suggestions. Also being very positive, if we get an email on 8th, and i submit my passport on 8th in Delhi, is there a way to expedite stamping and get the passport back on 9th?