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LCA transfer during H1-B extension

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  • LCA transfer during H1-B extension

    Hi Folks,

    I am in a complicated situation right now. Please provide your feedback on it.

    - I am under H1-B extension for client lets call it "C". I am waiting for premium processing to open and apply for it to get it approved soon.
    - Now it turned out that before the extension gets approved I will have my contract over at my client office "C" and will move back to my Employer office, Lets call it "E". This calls for H1-B amendment as the address is different, thus LCA change.

    1. Can I apply LCA change during the h1-b extension request already in queue.
    2.If yes, Can I apply LCA change as premium also with extension request. Will it be another $1200 apart from the extension premium processing?
    3. Will I have to track 2 different application (H1-b extension and H1-B amendment due to LCA change)