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Photographer applying for a H1-B

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  • Photographer applying for a H1-B


    I've recently graduated from a full time Photography program (M-1 Visa) (2 years) and currently on my OPT period.

    Having found a sponsor (sole-proprietor) I'm looking at my best options to extend working in the United States, below are my basic details.

    Country of Origin: India
    Age: 26
    Prior Experience in the same field: 6 Years
    Education: Bachelor's of Business Administration & Professional Photography Diploma (2 years)

    I'm not limited to an H1 visa, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    EB-3 would be a good pathway if you weren't from India (or China or the Philippines) - your employer would only need to win labor certification for the job you do. Alas the EB-3 queue for Indian nationals is 11 years long.

    O-1 does not need labor certification, nor is it subject to a quota, but you need to demonstrate you are an extraordinary photographer.

    H-1B is subject to a quota, and labor certification if the base pay is low, but you need to demonstrate you can perform a specialty or professional occupation