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Lost job on OPT, H1B approved but starts only from Oct 1st 2017

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  • Lost job on OPT, H1B approved but starts only from Oct 1st 2017

    Hi everyone,
    I need your help for this unique situation of mine. I am on OPT (OPT valid till May 2018) and my H1B got picked in the lottery and is set to be effective from Oct 1st 2017.
    However just last week my company decided to cut my position. My last working day is Sep 8th. I had a few questions about my situation
    1) If I get a new job, can my approved H1B be transferred to the new employer and do I need to wait for my H1B transfer approval before I can start working?
    2) Assuming my current company revokes my H1B immediately and if I get a new job after that, can the new company use my approved H1B petition for a H1B transfer or should I go through lottery again next year for a H1B?

    Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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    OPT to H1B

    1. Do you have your H1B approval receipt? It's better to wait until you have the approval but technically you can work while it's pending
    2. If you have the approval to supply to the new employer
    This is my opinion not legal advice.