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First time H1B stamping - Muscat, Oman

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  • First time H1B stamping - Muscat, Oman

    Hello community,

    I'm a direct employee of a big manufacturing company with a salary above what is required on the LCA. I have an approved H1B, not yet stamped.

    I was on F-1 visa, for my Masters degree.

    My parents live and work in Oman (country close to Dubai) and I was born and raised there. However, I hold an Indian passport.
    I was a resident when I applied for my F-1 and was able to get the F-1 visa stamped there.

    I seek advise if I can go back to the same US consulate for my first H-1B stamping.
    I emailed the US consulate regarding the same and they have replied that I may apply for a visa there.

    Please share experiences and provide advise.