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H1B is in RFE, can i tranmsfer to another employer

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  • H1B is in RFE, can i tranmsfer to another employer

    Hi Friends,

    I am in seriously urgent visa issue. Suggestions would be appreciated...!!!

    I am on my initial opt from Feb 2017-Feb 2018. I have applied H1B(general quota ) through small company(a) and got picked in the lottery in April 2017 for 2018 financial year.
    I have got good full time opportunity in a good company(b). I have joined the company (b) in June 2018 on my opt visa
    Last month(July 2018) we (all employers from company-a) got update that all our H1B got RFE. My employer(a) told RFE is due to some wage level, that they mentioned in LCA filing. But they don't provide us much information or don't show us any letters we got. company- a seems not trying anything.
    My company(b) is ready to transfer (or) apply a fresh H1B.

    i) As H1B is picked in lottery, can I able to use the lottery and able to apply a transfer H1B through company(b) now? ( i haven't got my H1B approved yet)
    (I heard that we can start transferring H1B even we got RFE. But do I need to have got H1B approved at least once before?

    ii) If my company(a) is not trying anything to clear my RFE. Can I contact an another attorney (not company(a) attorney), so that I can submit RFE documents.

    iii) Or just wait until April and ask company(b) to apply for new H1B in April 2018.

    Kindly please provide your valuable information and suggestions.