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H1B Prev Empoyment - URGENT

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  • H1B Prev Empoyment - URGENT

    Hi All,

    I will be travelling to India next week and have to get my H1B renewal visa stamping this time. I'm trying to fill the DS 160 details and in the Employment section, I would need to give my previous employer details. I transferred my H1 from Company A to Company B in Jan 2017. My passport visa has the company name A on it but the Company A has been taken over by Company C oficially after moving to US in 2014. What details should I give under prev employment ?

    I have "company A" I-797 and also with the changed name "Company C" I-797 (filed an amendment due to location change) and now another I-797 with the current employer but my passport visa still has company A name on it. Please help me with this as I have my interview scheduled within 10 days.