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H4 and H4 EAD Concurrent Application

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  • H4 and H4 EAD Concurrent Application

    My L-1B visa is due for expiry on Dec 7, 2017 so I am considering changing the status to H-4 and get EAD (since my spouse has approved I-140)
    Company is ready to file only H4 COS and says we could proceed with filing EAD using I-539 receipt number. Does this qualify as concurrent submission? or EAD would not get adjudicated until H-4 approval?

    In case I have to do concurrent processing for both, Can I file both COS and EAD myself or do I need attorney for it?

    I plan to put future date for H4 to be Dec 7 so my I-94 does not expire. Would I receive at least H4 by then. I would like to receive both in close by dates without having to leave country so that there is not break from work.
    Can anyone suggest optimal approach?