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H1B LCA Amend Query

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  • H1B LCA Amend Query

    I am in need of some expert advice.

    Here is my scenario:

     I am currently in US on H1B and my LCA is for Pasadena location (LCA amendment approved in June 2017)
     For some internal reason, my company is going to amend my LCA for San Diego location
     They also plan to apply for my GC immediately after they file the amendment and they are hoping it will go through EB1


    1. Since my LCA was recently amended, is there a chance that my new amendment may be rejected by USCIS
    2. If in case it gets rejected then will my previous amendment be still be valid or do I have to go back to India
    3. In case the amendment is approved. Do I have to physically relocate to San Diego or can I continue to stay in Pasadena and go to San Diego for work every week (2 hour drive)
    4. Is it technically possible to have 2 addresses in my LCA, that way I do not have to physically relocate to San Diego.
    5. Will all of this cause an issue to my GC application