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Question related to H4 stamping

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  • Question related to H4 stamping

    Hello Everyone,
    Here is our scenario. Both my wife and I were on H1b from separate organization. In Feb 2017, she lost her job and changed her status (I-539) to my H4. Change of Status (I539) to H4 has been approved by USCIS and her present status is H4.
    She has to travel to India for 3 weeks in Oct 2017. Here are my questions –
    1) Prior to losing her job, she had a valid H1 stamped on her passport. But now as she is travelling as H4, she would need a fresh H4 stamping. My question is does she qualify for a drop-box or has to have an in-person consulate visa stamping process? Basically can she answer ‘Yes’ to the following question – “I have a previous U.S. visa in the same class as the visa for which I wish to apply”

    2) My present H1 is valid until end of Dec-2017. Since she is travelling to India in October, she will basically get a H4 stamping for 2 months. I want to know if such short duration can cause any problem, viz. the consulate not issuing her visa for such a short time.
    Your response to my query will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.