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    I am on H1B visa currently, but I am planning to change to H4 soon and go for stamping in India sometime in December 2017 and I will be working in my current job till October end. So when I was filling my DS160, I gave primary occupation as Home Maker as I will be going for H4 stamping in the next three months. When I gave yes for Previous employment option, I need to enter "Employment From" and "Employment To" dates. In "Employment To", it does not accept future dates or today's date, so if I am filling my DS160 today(August 31, 2017), for previous work experience - latest "Employment To" date i can enter is August 30, 2017. So when I go for stamping sometime in December, what if they ask me "If your previous employment ended on August 30, 2017, but you came to India on Oct 31st, that means you were out of status for two months". Please let me know how I can address this issue, appreciate your help.