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Am I cap exempt if employer revokes my visa?

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  • Am I cap exempt if employer revokes my visa?

    I came to India for Visa stamping and got stuck due to 221g. Got email yesterday that my case is being sent back to USCIS. My employer is not willing to support my case and is going to revoke my Visa within a day or two.

    Got my H1 last year, before that I was on F1. I worked on h1 from October until December, and came to India for stamping in December.

    If employer revokes my Visa, will I be cap exempt? Can I transfer my Visa to another employer? My I797 is valid until 2019.

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    Bump. If anyone has any suggestion on this please let me know. Thanks in advance.


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      Yes you will be cap exempt, and another employer can file a H1 for you.
      Just an opinion; Not legal advice.