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Multiple H1 B extensions by same employer

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  • Multiple H1 B extensions by same employer

    Hi All,

    My current H1 visa is expiring Sept 30, 2017. My employer (same employer since 2012; I140 approved) filed H1 extension in July 2017 and got an RFE with an issue with LCA. The attorney/employer says we need new LCA to address this issue. So I just wanted to check if we can submit another H1 extension with new LCA from the same employer and then withdraw the current one? Will there be a risk of going out of status during this process? Please help!

    Thank you!

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    May I know your processing service center name?. Thanks


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      Vermont processing center

      - - - Updated - - -

      Can someone please respond to this as a priority please? I am running out of time and has no direction with this!

      Many Thanks!


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        Yes, you can, but need to do it ASAP. Since your earlier H1 is valid until Sep 30, withdrawing your initial extension application will not make you go out of status.
        Just an opinion; Not legal advice.