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Travel when H1 extension is pending

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  • Travel when H1 extension is pending

    I have visa and i-797 valid till Aug 2018. But my I-94 is expiring in Feb 2018 because my passport is expiring.
    My employer filed H1 extension since I didn't have plan to travel. But I need to travel outside US for 2 weeks.
    I know I can travel and come back because I have a valid H1 and visa till Aug 2018.

    My question is 'My H1 extension comes without I-94?' if I travel to India and come back when my extension is pending?

    My dependents are not traveling outside, so if we get an H1/H4 extension without I 94 extension after Feb 2018 then the stay in US will consider as out of status?

    Anyone has a similar experience then please help.