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URGENT: H1B transfer riskiness?

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  • URGENT: H1B transfer riskiness?

    Hi, I'm speaking on behalf of my boyfriend who will be undergoing an H1B transfer in a week or so. I wanted to ask a few questions and get some opinions whether this is a good idea or not.

    I'm going to refer to my boyfriend as B

    B has a BS and MBA from U.S. schools (has been in US since 2009) did OPT then applied for h1b in Sept. 2015 with employer (a university). H1B was denied in Feb. 2016 after RFE basically b/c his "degree" wasn't specialized for his job (he works in athletics). They appealed the H1B but it was not approved until April 2017, during which B enrolled in classes at the university to maintain legal status.

    Now, B is doing a transfer to another university (still working in athletics). I am worried that he is at GREAT risk of being denied because of his past... the fact he was a student then employed again etc. What are the chances?

    His current H1B expires in Sept.2018 so we will have to reapply soon anyways.

    I am not American either so marrying for a more "stable" visa is not an option. What do you think??