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H1b stamped but not travel

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  • H1b stamped but not travel

    Hi, i got valid petition and H1b visa till nov 2017 but i will not get a chance to travel to USA till next 6 months, now i want to understand below points, please help me on the same.

    1) after my VISA/Petition for expiry, still my case can be considered for cap exception ?
    2) in future any new employer can file a cap exception and transfer my expired H1b petition ?
    3) what is the best suggestion to utilize this approved petition in future?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi team , any update on my query ? Thanks in Advance


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      Hi Now , My petetion and VISA expired in 2018 and i never used to travel to USA , now my query is i am eligible for cap exemption and any other employer can transfer my old petition now ?