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Travel to Indiawhile RFE is under process

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  • Travel to Indiawhile RFE is under process


    I am currently under employment on OPT. I also have an additional RFE pending on my H1B application.

    I plan to travel to India for 2 weeks near November end but am unsure whether my RFE will get resolved by then.

    My questions are:
    Can I travel to India
    1. While it is still under RFE? I have a i20 with travel approval, ead card, f1 visa stamping etc.
    2. What if it gets approved while I am there?
    3. What if it gets approved in October before but I can't find a scheduling time for an appointment in November then. Can I setup an appointment now? (I don't have a I-797 yet)

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    File for premium...

    The best bet is to file for RFE premium get a decision in 15 days and then travel. Because lets take You are back home and your h1b gets approved and you plan to travel without stamping you will be detained at port of entry because the systems will show as f1 no longer valid and will will have to go back and get stamped for h1b status.
    So better file premium get approval or whatever decision it yields and then plan your travel.

    Yes you can file the online Ds-160 form but I believe as per the new rules you need to pay before setting up the appointment dates.


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      Thank you pandora-box

      I'll be willing to pay the fees if it means there is no risk in me going. However, I asked USTravelDocs customer care and they told me that without H1B approval, I can't since I don't have the relevant details to fill DS-160 form.

      For eg., how would you propose I fill the start and expiration dates in the attachment below? Is it something that can be projected (Oct 1 2017 to Sep 30 2020)?
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