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During H1 Extension -Employment change

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  • During H1 Extension -Employment change

    Need your help to get suggestions on below questions.

    Scenario: Currently I am working with Company A on H1B visa (I-140 approved for GC). The same company has applied my H1b & H4 extension, which is in progress now.

    Now I got a job in Company B and planning to do H1B transfer in premium/regular

    Do I need to apply H4 extension again for my dependent, if so, do I need to specify previous H4 extension receipt number anywhere in the next application?
    So would like to know , As soon i join new company ,is thre any possibility to apply H4-EAD based on previous company Approved i-140 ? if Yes , when can i start that process . Do i need to wait until my h1b transfer complete to new company and then apply H4-EAD based on the previous company approved i-140 ? please clarify this.

    3- I hope GC priority date will not change, even if in case my employer revokes the i 1-40 after approvals?
    4- Can i apply H4-EAD now with current company approved -140 then i initiate the h1b transfer to to new company in parallel? Do u think any risk on this applying in parallel (i.e H1b transfer to new company and applying H4-EAD with current company i-140)

    Thank you

    Appreciate your response