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Change of Employer under H1 RFE

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  • Change of Employer under H1 RFE

    My current employer filed my H1b and it is under RFE right now. I want to get rid off them since I am on bench for more than 4 months. They are not willing to let me go since I am bounded by contracts. (Doesn't matter since lot of people have left).

    Now, I got a new offer and my new employer wants to hire me on STEM OPT and they can file H1 next year. They also want me to ask my current employer to withdraw H1b petition since if by chance it got approved, my STEM OPT will no longer be into effect.

    How should I resign my current employer and revoke my H1B. I tried talking with them but they out front denied. I do not want to be bounded with them since I am losing lot of opportunities.

    What should I do to avoid being out of status?

    Please help me in sharing some thoughts on my problem.