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H1B Transfer eligibility.. Please suggest

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  • H1B Transfer eligibility.. Please suggest

    Hi All,



    Employer "A" : Jan 2008- July 2014 in India (Aug 2013-May 2014 in USA on H1B, Returned to india on May 2014)

    Not working: Aug 2014 to April 2017 in India

    Employer"B": May 2017 to Till Date in India


    H1B Status (Both petition and Visa are expired on Oct 2014)

    First Petition with Employer "A" approved Oct 2012, First H1B Visa was Valid till Oct 2013

    Revised Petition Oct 2013, Revised H1B Visa was Valid till Oct 2014 (Got stamped during short trip to India Feb 2014)

    Actual stay on H1B in USA (Aug 2013-May 2014, Around 10 months)


    Please advice on

    1. Am I eligible for Cap Exempt H1B Transfer jobs.

    i have opportunities in USA matching my skill sets.

    2. Am i Eligible to work in USA for 5 more years since I worked around 1 year in previous H1B travel.

    3. I am eligible for premium processing of H1B.

    your suggestions will surely helps to pursue my career in USA.