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File two H1B transfer under same cap

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  • File two H1B transfer under same cap

    Here is the story:

    I got H1B cap on 2014, lost job and switched to H4 on 2016, find a new job from company A in May 2017, A filed H1B transfer using my old cap, due to premium bann, it took three months until we received REF notice, attorney is preparing for the material, REF response not sent yet.

    Due to lack of knowledge, I worked for A for two days after my H1B transfer was received by USCIS on May, the labor bureau then notified me that it is illegal to work before my case was approved. Instead of deleting me in company A's file, A put my status as temproary away. I stayed at home waited for 5 months now.

    I just got an offer from company B, it is a much better job, I definetly prefer to work for B than A.

    Option1: I ask A to revoke my case, it is an easy and simple choice, but if something wrong with B's file, I lost chance to work for neither A or B

    Option2: I don't ask A to revoke my case, A and B will file transfer for me together. It is safer to me but my question is:

    Since I was not removed in A's database, if A's case is approved first, will B's case be revoked? Or in other word, is there anyway to hold A's approved and wait for B cases's result?

    I know it sounds complicated, I will be appreaciated if anyone could give me some ideas
    Thanks a lot
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