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change of status from H1 to H4 EAD

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  • change of status from H1 to H4 EAD

    Hi all,

    I am on H1 right now but lost my job. I understand that now there is a 60 day grace period before my H1 status is no longer valid and I should apply for a change of status. Now I am planning to convert to H4-EAD, but I had an approved H4 visa previously, which had an end date of Sept 2016 (expired). I see that currently approval of H4 and EAD can take up to 90+days.

    In my case, since I had an approved H4 but it expired now, is it considered as a brand new H4 again?
    how long does it take to change my status from H1 to H4 and get the EAD approval?

    Appreciate any inputs. Thank you.
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