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DS 160 Form: Help Needed

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  • DS 160 Form: Help Needed


    I have a following scenario.

    I had been working in a multinational company 'A' for the last 6 years.
    Few months back my company 'A' has sold its business unit i was part with, to a private equity firm.Now our 'Business Unit' is a standalone brand new company 'B'.
    I have received consular letters from our attorney explaining this scenario.

    Now i am filling in my DS 160 form for my VISA stamping later in the month of Nov.

    So in my case I have i-797 approved with the company 'A' but technically i am now employee of company 'B'.My salary slip also mentions company 'B' .
    In DS160 form under "Temporary Work Visa Information" i am entering "Name of Person/Company who Filed Petition=A" and "Where Do You Intend to Work? ->Name of Employer=B".

    Please advise.
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