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H4 Visa stamping after H1B Transfer - Dropbox eligible ?

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  • H4 Visa stamping after H1B Transfer - Dropbox eligible ?


    I have transferred my H1B from Employer A to B. During the transfer, my wife was in India and the attorney couldn't transfer her H4.

    We both need to stamp our visa's while re-entry as my previous employer stamping got expired 4 months ago.

    Question 1- My wife is in India with her expired stamped visa. She doesn't have her H4 document after my transfer to employer B. Is she eligible for Drop Box(with my supporting I-797 document...etc) ?

    Question 2- When i visit India within next few months, I will be stamping my visa with my current approved petition(employer B). I suppose, that i am eligible for Drop Box for next 8 months..?

    Kindly advice. Thank You in advance.