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H1B petition denied on the bases of changing the end client

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  • H1B petition denied on the bases of changing the end client


    we are an IT software house with a couple of clients that we work with to implement/develop applications and IT solutions.

    In April this year we had filled a petition to sponsor an H1B visa. At the time of application we provided details around one of our client but unfortunately the whole visa process took more time than expected and our work with that client has been completed.

    In August this year, we were asked by DHS to provide details related to the end client where our applicant will be working with so we provided details (contract copies, end-client business details, etc) of our another client.

    We have received a letter that our petition has been denied on the bases that we have changed the end-client.

    can you please advise what options do we have


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    File a new Alien Worker Petition with premium processing


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      I am assuming you filed for New H1 and not extension.

      As its denied you have to wait for next year when H1 window opens again. Make sure you file with good company and not a shady consultant