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H1B visa transfer without working for my employer

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  • H1B visa transfer without working for my employer

    I completed my masters in construction management and started working for company A in 2016 on OPT. Company A applied for H1 in April 2017 and received an RFE on September 17, 2017. I had to quit my job on September 30 because my cap gap had ended. By the time the company replied to the RFE and got an approval on October 25, the company did not have any work for me and decided not to hire me back. I now have an offer from another employer who is willing to apply for an H1 transfer for me. I am still in the 60 day grace period and hence I want to know how do I go about my H1 transfer? The last pay stub I have from company A is until September 30, 2017. Please advise.