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DS-160 Questions-Need Help-Not much info found

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  • DS-160 Questions-Need Help-Not much info found


    While filling DS-160 i have below questions which i want to be clarified:

    1.Monthly Income in Local Currency.
    -->So should we fill our salary in USD or Rupees?I am working in USA and will be going for H1B stamping.So wanna know what currency type should be used?

    2.Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?
    -->I have no GC process or and labor petition filed by my employer.Just this H1B application was done by them.So,Shoul di say yes or no?

    3.Previous U.S. Travel Information.
    -->I came to USA on 15 aug 2014 n now will be going for stamping straight away in Jan 2018.So,my 1 trip will be of 2014 and length of stay will be till the time i went for stamping and second trip will be date i came back to USA(after stamping) with length of stay as 3 years as per H1B visa.Is it right?