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H4 Visa stamping during H1B amendment in progress

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  • H4 Visa stamping during H1B amendment in progress

    Hope everyone is doing good.

    My current visa status is H4 (I have 797 for same not stamped on passport) and I have plan to visit India in mid of December 2017, and returning back by first week of January. In between my spouses company have filed H1B amendment due to client change. This amendment was filed in premium but we received RFE, so not sure if we will get amendment approval after submitting required document by mid of December. Now I would like to book an Visa stamping date for H4 stamping, if we wait stamping date might not be available. I have few questions below for this Visa stamping.

    1) While filling DS160 and scheduling appointment, I am thinking of using old H1B receipt number which has approval till 2020. Suppose I go ahead with this old receipt number and details, will there be any issue? Can USCIS find there is amendment going on for same principal applicant and take any adverse action on H4 Visa stamping?

    2) Suppose I use old H1B receipt and get H4 visa stamping appointment. Before the appointment date if H1B amendment is approved, can I fill new DS160 for H4 visa stamping with latest receipt number and take that DS160 form confirmation page with me for visa stamping so that latest receipt number taken in to consideration?

    Your help with these questions will be really appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hi there...! Can you share the H4 visa stamping experience/outcome? I am in similar situation and would like your advice in this case.

    Thanks & Regards,