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H1B Visa Query help required

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  • H1B Visa Query help required

    Hi All ,

    I am working with Company A and having H1B validity till 2020 . I have an offer in hand with company B and would like to join the company after the H1B transfer approved . But before I got the offer from Company B , I had made travel plan to India In dec 2017 and will be back in Jan 2018 . I will be going for stamping ( Dropbox ) in india as my extension recently got approved through Company A for which I have already booked the appointment with USCIS .

    Please advise on the followings Queries

    1) Can I travel to India Dec 2017 and comes back with my current H1B petition from Company A while the transfer process with Company B is under process with USCIS ? I am planning to resign from Company A after I come back from India in Jan 2018 . Please advise

    2) Can I start the H1B transfer process to COMPANY B through Premium processing while I am in India on Vacation ?

    3) If my H1B Transfer is approved with Company B while I am in vacation in India but I will resign after coming back from India , Will there be any issue in immigration ? Please advise


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    What is your status now, would you able to share your experience.

    I am in same boat now, need your advice to move forward