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I797B without I94--Urgent Help Needed please

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  • I797B without I94--Urgent Help Needed please

    I was on H1b with Emp A till 15th May-2017(Valid PP stamping Sep2018).I did my H1b tran to Emp B(filed on 5th May-2017 and approved on 1-Nov-17(premium filed after RFE) till Apr-2020.I am under payroll with EmpB from May-2017 at a client location(EC Mode).Now,my I-797B(with Emp B) came and it has message like below.

    "The above petition approved for the classification requested.It has been determined that the named worker is not eligible for requested extension of status.You will receive a separate notice explaining the reason for this determination.Since worker found ineligible for an ext stay,we have sent notification to consulate(Hyd-India).If you have questions,pl contact consulate directly"

    What options currently I have?
    - Should I apply amendment?
    - or Go to home country/any country for stamping?
    - Can I go to near by country and reenter without going for stamping to get new I94 at POE?