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H4 to H1 transfer in progress (India Travel )

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  • H4 to H1 transfer in progress (India Travel )

    My wife has an H4 Visa stamped in the passport with my old employer A expiring on 31-Dec-2017 and now she got an H4 petition with my new employer B. Along with this, there is another company XYZ who filed H1 for my wife with two option (change of status (H4 to H1) and Consulate). Her H1 petition is still in "case received status". What will happen if she goes to India now based on the below scenarios?

    1. If H1 got approved during her stay in India?
    2. Will the H1b be rejected if she goes out of US?
    3.Can she come back to the US with her old H4 stamped visa(My employer A) with latest h4 ( My employer B )petition and related documents?
    3. Can she go for H4 stamping even though her h1b is approved during her India stay and reapply changes of status after coming back to US ?