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H1B extension

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  • H1B extension

    i have applied H1b extension in oct 2017 in regular process.

    any idea how much time it will take to approve ?

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    H1B Extension

    Hi all,
    I got H1B in 2017 Jan. Till now, never got opportunity to travel US and I'm in India. My visa got expired in 2017-Oct. In the month of Aug'17, H1b visa extension process is started and still in process with my present employer. Now, if I resign from my present employer and join in another company,
    1. will my H1B visa holds valid (as the extension process is started??)
    2. Is there any chances, my present employer may withdraw/ STOP the extension process?
    3. If I join in another company, and a US opportunity is ready with them, can they able to Resume the my Visa extension process?

    Please let me know at the earliest.



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      Hi Sai,
      My H1B extension started in Aug'17. Till now, it is still in process. recently I came to know, as per norms extension would take 90 days. If it crossed beyond this, you can contact your employer for more info.