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L2 + EAD to H1B?

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  • L2 + EAD to H1B?

    Hi, I've been working on L2 + EAD visa, first 9 months was under a consultancy, then the client (a giant US company) absorbed me for 6 months now. I am very happy to be a direct employee of this big company. The problem is my wife's L1 is expring on June 5, and so as my L2. My wife's application for H1B was approved any will be activated on June 6, I will have to stop working by then.

    My question is, who can apply H1B for me?

    1. Can my employer (US company) apply for me? If yes, will I have to stop working from June 6 to Sept 30? Which they might not accept. I also have a feeling that my boss does not want to apply H1Bs.

    2. Can a third party consultancy apply H1B for me? Then perhaps I will be a consultant again for that client (big company) or maybe with another client. Should I approach consultancy companies now that might interested to sponsor my H1B application.

    Thank you in advance to those who will answer.