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H1 Extension after 6 Years

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  • H1 Extension after 6 Years

    Hi I am approaching my 6 year stay combined L1 and H1 visa. Right now my employer is applying for an extension to get back the days I stayed outside US. Which will come approximately to three months. My Visa will be completed on Jan 20th and if the three mont extension comes I will be able to stay till March. The current employer is not agreeing to apply for my GC. Is there any possibility that I can apply Visa through consultant and process my GC. I am ok to stay out of country till the labor get approved. I would like to know what are my options here. Please help. Thank you!

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    As greencard is for future employer, any employer who is willing to hire you when you get the greencard can sponsor you. But after getting the greencard, you really need to work for that employer.
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