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H-4 to H-1B without status change

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  • H-4 to H-1B without status change

    Hi All, I am looking for help on these questions, really appreciate your answers:
    My wife is on H-4EAD and she is thinking to apply for H-1B this coming year.
    1. If she gets H-1B approved, can she still choose to be on H-4EAD? Is there some special form needs to be filled to do not change the status to H-1B upon approval.
    2. If the above is possible, what would be required to change the status to H-1B from H-4EAD post H-1B approval
    3. If my priority date becomes current while she is on H-1B, can she still get a green card along with me?

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    can someone please reply

    Your response will be highly appreciated