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H1B Transfer After I-140 Approval

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  • H1B Transfer After I-140 Approval

    I am currently on H1B and got my I-140 approval this month (Dec 2017). I am planning to transfer my H1B and work at a small start-up. I heard it's best to wait for 6 months after I-140 approval before transferring so even if the current employer revoke the I-140, I can still keep the priority date. Is this still true?

    For the new employer, is there any limitation to when they can apply for H1B transfer? Is it better to wait until after 6 month (after May 2018) before sending in the application, or is it ok to send the application in before May 2018? Would it be ok to send in H1B transfer in Febuary via Premium Process, while stating a May 2018 start, so that way when I do switch, the I-140 approval has gone through the 6 month period.

    Very much appreciate it!