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Question related to Dropbox Eligibility

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  • Question related to Dropbox Eligibility


    I am in USA and my H1B extension petition is approved till June 2019 (The earlier H1B visa is expired in October'2017). Same as the H4 for dependents also extended till June 2019. We are planning to visit India during April 2018. For dropbox eligibility, there was a questionnaire to be answered. One of the question is "Were you denied any kind of US visa after your most recent US visa stamped in passport was issued?". Actually I was never denied for visa. However, for my wife, we have tried to file H1B last year in 2016 through a consultancy. Her application was picked in the Lottery and there was an RFE which the consultancy responded. But USCIS rejected the petition. Will this will be considered as Visa rejection for my wife as this is petition filed by her employer? Please advise. Thanks in advance