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H1B Extension stamping. Passport Expiry

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  • H1B Extension stamping. Passport Expiry


    I am in USA and my H1B extension petition is approved till June 2019. My current passport is expiring on 18-Nov-2018. We are planning to visit India during April 2018 due to personal reasons for getting visa stamping done through dropbox.

    1. Will there be any problem in getting the visa stamping done during Apr'2018 as my passport is expiring during Nov'2018?
    2. Do you want me to apply for passport renewal in USA and then plan to travel india? will there be any issue as the petition is approved based on my earlier Passport number?

    Please advise as this is bit confusing. Thank you.

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    Same experience

    I had the same experience. I renewed my passport in US and then travelled.. no problems. (Passport renewal in US takes 3-5 business days) good luck !