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L1B to H1B Conversation -Urgent help

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  • L1B to H1B Conversation -Urgent help

    Hi Expert,
    I need your help, it is kind of some strange use case. I have L1b Visa stamped till Oct 2020 and H1B was applied in 2016 and got H1B approval notice in May 2017 without I94, however my employer has informed me in Dec 2017.
    H1b is valid till May 2018. I have traveled to USA in Oct 2017 with L1B and staying is USA though my H1B was approved but I wasnt aware about it. L1B and H1B has been applied for same client and location.
    Now I want to go back to India in Mid Jan 2018 for 2 week for some emergency work then what should I do.

    Please do provide your valuable input to me asap.

    THanks in advance.